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  • Is CRJCNY a branch of the Jaguar Clubs of North America?
    Although we are an affiliate of JCNA, we are a separate entity with our own governing body, policies and procedures. We began as our own local club in 2013 and became an affiliate of JCNA in 2014.
  • Who is JCNA?
    Jaguar Clubs of North America began in 1958 and is the world’s oldest organization dedicated to Jaguars and their owners and enthusiasts. To learn more about JCNA and their member benefits, go to
  • If I want to join CRJCNY, do I need to join JCNA first?"
    Your membership in CRJCNY will automatically enroll you into the JCNA. We collect your dues and process your application for both organizations.
  • Will my family members need to join in order to participate in club events?
    As a member, you are welcome to have your spouse/significant other and your children who are under 18 and reside with you in the same household, join you in any club activity
  • How many people belong to CRJCNY?
    Current membership is approximately 60 members (not including spouses and family members).
  • I already belong to another JCNA affiliate club. Can I also join CRJCNY?
    Absolutely. JCNA requires you to list a “primary” club, but you can join as many local clubs as you wish. As an existing JCNA member, when you become an associate member of our club, you will have access to all of our club’s correspondence, activities, benefits and access to the “members only” section of our club website.
  • Do you offer different levels of membership?
    Yes. We offer full and associate and memberships. We also offer a “Young Enthusiasts” discounted membership for ages 16-25 (contact us for more details).
  • What are the annual dues for membership?
    The total amount is $50.00 per calendar year for a full membership in CRJCNY and JCNA. This breaks down to $30 for JCNA membership and $20 for CRJCNY membership). If you are joining mid-year, CRJCNY will prorate our part. For instance: If you join between April 1st and June 30th, CRJCNY will apply a $5 discount (for a total of $45 for the first calendar year) If you join between July 1st and September 30th, CRJCNY will apply a $10 discount (for a total of $40 for the first calendar year) If you join between October 1st and December 31st, CRJCNY will apply a $15 discount (for a total of $35 for the first calendar year) Associate memberships, for those who have a different JCNA affiliate club listed as their primary club, do not pay the $30 JCNA portion to CRJCNY, just the CRJCNY $20 portion which is prorated quarterly.
  • Do you offer a junior membership for younger adults?
    Yes, we do. Please contact us for more details.
  • Do I pay my dues to CRJCNY or JCNA?
    We make it easy on you. Submit the entire amount of your dues to CRJCNY and we will forward the JCNA portion on your behalf.
  • I have more questions about membership. Who can I contact?
    You can click on the “Contact Us” button and fill out the simple contact form, or send an email directly to We will contact you as soon as possible.
  • I’m ready. How do I join?
    Click here to go to the “Membership” page where you will find a membership application to download. Just fill it out and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form.
  • Is there a “Members Only” Bulletin Board page where we can interact with other club members?
    Yes, there is. Go to the “Member’s Only” section and select “Members’ Bulletin Board”.
  • Can I control the amount of my personal information that is on the club website?
    Absolutely, and this is how: By default, we do not publish any personal information about you or your family members. If you do wish to share your contact information, you must fill out, sign and submit a “Club Webpage Information and User Agreement Form”. Only the information that you supply on the form will be published. The information you add to the form will only be available in the “Members Only” section of the website, which requires a password to access.
  • Can I download a complete directory of club members?
    We apologize, but no. Our primary goal is to encourage new interest in our club and interclub communications while maintaining the privacy of our members. To explain this policy further, CRJCNY will only display a member’s basic contact information once they have signed and submitted a “Club Webpage Information and User Agreement Form”. Each member’s information is by default, not available on the website.
  • How do I post an advertisement in the “Classified” section?
    Members can submit non-commercial ads in the “Members Only” section, on the Members’ Bulletin Board page. Please note. Ads posted: Must be for personally owned items only, no business ads please. Must be for Jaguar automobiles, Jaguar parts or other Jaguar related items only. Are subject to approval by the Board of Directors and/or the editor.
  • How do I submit new photos or my own articles for the website?
    Members can send photos to the editor at:
  • I cannot access the “Members Only” section. How do I get access?
    If you need a password, click on the words “Login / Sign up” just below our logo at the top of the page. We will respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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